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He said that I was so small, I told him water me. @fkatwigs


If you’ve never heard Rodriguez… start here. Completely beautiful, and so powerful. If you haven’t seen the documentary for him Searching for Sugarman, do that for yourself too. What a man and story.

Everytime I’m in this office I look at this and sigh, yep that’s it alright. Maybe originally by @marcusromer (at Google Creative Lab)

"And life for most women is just that, a performance in a male sex fantasy" #uhumm #lanark #leanin

"And life for most women is just that, a performance in a male sex fantasy" #uhumm #lanark #leanin

The Great Beauty is the kind of film with a mesmerizing ability to transport into the story, there was something so smooth about it that I felt I was floating in there within the film with the characters. I had to think about it for the last week. Tony Servillo is so charismatic and elegant but sad and just plays his role to perfection. Although a total critique of Rome, the way it is presented just made me want to book the first ticket out there.

The wardrobe of Jep Gambardella (the lead) in The Great Beauty, is beyond perfection. It is so elegant but modern. this one of him in the hammock I think was my favorite.

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New years inspiration 

Todd Oldman.



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Art is the only work open to people who can’t get along with others but still want to be special #lanark #AlasdairGray #IWishIWasSpecial #butImACreep